Event Hero's Professionals Social Networking
Event Hero's Professionals Social Networking
We’re All Working Together That’s Our Secret.


Get Out There It's Time For Socializing

Whether you are new to the industry, or needing certain things to help you with your business. The  Event Hero's Professionals Social Networking (EHPSN) events, is where you can meet friendly business minded people in the area just like yourself, or just passing through the city. We would like to provide this excellent opportunity for you to make new contacts, expand your business referrals and see what different vendors and partners within the industry have to offer for your future & business and finally meet the ones you've already been engaging with on social media at the EHPSN events. You just might meet your next mentor, never know where your next job will turn into, or even your first or next lead(s) will come from. 

Who it's for? You of course 


 Whether you’re local, new in town, or just passing through, EHPSN is for people who are interested in networking and what to learn more about the indurstry or  anyone who's already involved within the industry from 0- 100 years of work experience, let's get together and socialize more. You must be at least 18 years of age to network and connect at EHPSN events. 

Orientation for attendees Success

Become a Vendor- A great option for these who want to showcase their business for people  within the event industry. Become face to face at our events provides opportunities to enhance each attendees’ relationships and information to help you succeed in the growing  the EHSN events as well as in the marketplace. 

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Bring out your best potential

Become a Event Organizer--By  hosting Network Events, these events take more than flawless organization and perfect execution; they require a connection. It needs the connection of someone who understands the importance of networking and uses it in our daily lives. Bring people together in meaningful way by being apart of a group for a good cause for our industry. Making EHPSN your first step.​

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Preparing Yourself for Success

Getting Involved by Volunteering- 

Volunteer’s participation has many benefits, such as meeting the region’s leading peers,  and connecting your workforce and research to real-world efforts to restore and protect the volunteer at our events to receive reduced or waived The Evenz Team registration list.

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We create events for enteprenure to network, learn and interact.

The Benefits of Networking

Group Tickets

Interested in purchasing additional tickets for yourself or as a group of people

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Unlimited Networking

This is perfect for business owners looking to get their employees or themselves more networking and involved in the community. Sign- up today and let us help you grow your business through our network events!

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Day Shadowing While Networking 

Get advice and shadow for one day by being a Indurtry Trainee or become a team player as an trainer volunteer. This is a first-come, first-served basis. You will be matched one-on-one or in a group with professorial Trainer from EHPSN events. Trainers do not necessarily need to be senior professionals. The most important requirements are that the trainers has to attend EHPSN, and has been in business for at least 2 years and has knowledge and experience that will be useful to the trainees who is seeking advice.

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Benefits of Venue Hosting

Get a great benefit of turning your slow hours into busy and happy hours by hosting EHPSN at your venue or restaurant? Contact us so we can discuss.

Let's Connect

Let's Talk About Partnership

We are looking for certified Educational Partners and Business Partners that support the  event industies, who are indispensable to the EHPSN attendees to assist with their business by offering guidance, business promoting, products and services for curent and future their businesses, and workshops/classes. You can helps their businesses and professionals differentiate themselves in the competitive marketplace and growth for their business plans.

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Traditional Vedic Massage
Traditional Vedic Massage
Traditional Vedic Massage
Traditional Vedic Massage

Network By City 

We're happy to talk about any location or region you think may suite EHPSN. Please send us a email.


Nashville, TN

Atlanta, GA

New York City

Network Lounge

​Stay Connected All Year Long

Social networking relationships are now the backbone of any good business strategies.  We want every attend, vendor and partners members with EHPSN to prosper. EHPSN are the perfect place for networking within the event industry world, we want to created a world where business experts, suppliers and manufacturers help you grow and support your career. 

       Get out of the office and enjoy more concatenation experience. Let's get together and write more history!

Local Networking
Online Groups
Awards Events
Local Networking

What You Need To Being?

Bring your business cards to share and talk about your business, and do what you do best. Whether you’re working professional or entrepreneur/business owner, remember that you're not just there to network but also to hang out relax and have a good time at our hosting upscale venues and restaurants etc.. After all, you deserve it!

Come Out and Networking 
Veiw Events
Online Groups

Join Us Online

Join online where you can chat, message post , blog reading, Picture Sharing, video sharing and industry-specific community forums are all at your fingertips online EHPSN Community Network Lounge.

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Awards Events

Event Teams Awards

Recognizing the excellent and original event indurstry work from across the globe, a source of inspiration for award-winning from event newbies to showstoppers to celebrate creativity, innovation and effectiveness in the industry. Most importantly to allow all winners and their peers to express their individuality, build more confidence, and most of all, have fun!

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Educate & Inspire

Conferences and Educational Events for Professionals and People who are Interested

We know that creating a collaborative social networking events, where we all may could learn other talents and meet new people, visit local venues off the clock and receive education within the industry and industry partners, while collaborating with our competition would enrich the event industry both collectively and individually.

Take the next step to your next level by  learning More about those conferences and educational events and how you can attend. 

We would love to list your event industry conference or event?  Apply for business partnership.

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Coteriere Treat
Fill Your Cup Conference
Wedding MBA
Floral Encounter Conference
Be Sage Conference

Become one of our Educational Partners

Are you an indurstry Speaker for Conferences, Retreats, Summits or Workshops/Classes. Learn more how you can be apart of EHPSN.

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Don't see a answer to your question? Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss.

Network Events
Vendor & Partner
Network Events


We understand that not everyone can make the network events on the same day or at the same time. Having various days and times gives everyone a chance to attend.


The networking events may last for 3 to 4 hours, and attendees are allowed to check-in a half hour early prior to the events start time.


Plenty of business cards and/or brochures-if you have some.( Don't forget your great sense of humor, personality​ and professionalism) Extra cash for cash bar- The first around is on us.


Although we would prefer that you bring a copy of your ticket to the event for check-in, it is not mandatory. We can check you in electronically by your last name, or by using your smart phone device.


They are opportunities for anyone involved in the event market to meet and network with others in the industry, to expand your business referrals, and to meet with other vendors, venues, and planners. Many successful long term relationships have begun at EHPSN events.  (Event Hero's Professionals Social Networking)


As many as you want. Check out the Group Tickets  



At The Door Ticket price may go up $10 more - Although we prefer that registration is done online, we do offer a "Pay at the Door"  if space is available. This option is available by credit card only, and can be done through our pay portal. 


R.S.V.P events are for those whom has attended 3 or more of our EHPSN events at a DISCOUNT RATE.

They are able to register on a first come first service basic. 

Tickets maybe a different price then the Regular event tickets


We are sorry, but there are no refunds, vouchers, or transfers to future events in the misfortune your reservation plans change. Only credits to other EHPSN event on top of the actually event price.

Example One: Your ticket is $15 and the event is $30- You only pay a extra of $15 
( Which be a total of $30)

* Example Two: Your ticket is $ 25 and the event is $ 10- You will credits of $ 10 will be use for that event and the rest of the $ 15 can be used at other event.

You must call or email us or your local
Event Organizer for that event on which event you would like to attend, once you arrived to that event for check-in, show us your old ticket and will be give you a updated ticket and see if you still have cash credit from your old ticket.


  • Student and learners Ticket $15 - We are very passionate about connecting student entrepreneurs to top professionals in their community. Through students are jump-starting growing their networks through our events. (Must be 18+ to attend)
Learners are whom maybe taking an event training course or classes to learn about the industry or start a business.

Students are whom are in collage , this goes for studying online or campus.
Student and Learners must have ID or Proof of enrollment letter confirms that you are currently enrolled on in school or course.

  • Loyal Attendee after 4 events in a roll,  your third event Ticket  will be $ 10 - To say thank you for pre-registering with us, networkers receive a $10 discount to our events. 
  • Team of Two Ticket $10 off  - Networking events can be overwhelming if you are not a consistent networker, or you are new to the city. To help reduce the pressure, we also offer "Team of Two" tickets for you and a friend.
  • Event Vendors- Event exposure, social media exposure, and viral exposure for your business. Learn more at: Vendor Opportunities 
This does not include for any RSVP tickets


We ask that each attendees to purchase their event tickets individual, for this reason we are able to get to know who you are and your future plans and business. 


EARLY  REGISTRATION - Rate ends on a set date period. One-time payment and non-refundable.

DISCOUNT RATE- Rate ends on a set date period. One-time payment and non-refundable.

STANDARD RATE OF FULL AMOUNT- Available after the Early and Discount Registration has ended and can be registered online and on the event site at the networking event. Non-Refundable.

Vendor & Partner